We imagine, build and grow products that users love.

Inspect Element is a hypothesis-led venture builder working globally from APAC. We are here to make your product shine.

We work with

A digital venture builder with an experimental mindset.

Winning products aren't built by shooting in the dark. Find your edge in the market with our expertise.


Hypothesis-led framework

Our experimental approach reduces the risk and uncertainty when launching new products. Every project is custom, uniting your circumstance with our proprietary playbook.


Design and build digital products that users love

Guided by growth model and hypotheses to unlock hypergrowth, we assemble the right product squad and craft the digital products that meet your unique business needs.


All-round strategic builder

Based on the stage of your business, we leverage our wide range of experties to offer you tailored solutions, from OKR setting to organization and process design.


Minimum Viable Teams

We help businesses at various stages verify hypotheses using minimum viable teams, with an extensive network of industry experts to ensure an end-to-end ecosystem on supporting startup scalability.


Decentralized specialist

We also gather and build an extensive network of 120+ industry experts to ensure an end-to-end ecosystem on supporting startup scalability.

Venture with us

Our digital solutions apply to various stages of a company, from venture formation to growth and even transformation stage.

Venture Launch

Take your idea from 0 to 1 with our pragmatic approach.


Strategy Advisory

For teams who have set goals but aren't sure how to achieve them yet.


Startup Hypergrowth

For teams to grow quickly with proven tactics from experienced operators.


Digital Transformation

Recruit fresh ideas, talent and systems to tackle old problems.


Add functional excellence to fuel your business. In days, not months.

We create value like top-tier consultancies, but faster, cheaper, and customized for your business.

Inspect Element

3 - 30 days to hire

High scalability, strategic aligned

Pre-vet specalists

Diverse expertise tailored to you

Flexible payment options

Full-Time Hire

3 - 6 mo to hire

Low scalaibility

Difficult to pre-vet

Scoped at individuals

Full compensation needed


1 - 3 mo to hire

Low scalability

Difficult to pre-vet

Scoped at individuals

Extra commission needed


1 - 3 mo to hire

Medium to high scalability with low strategic alignment

Pre-vetting is possible

Domain-specific expetise

Expensive premium

Meet your partners

Vincent So

Vincent So

Managing Partner
Christopher Hugentobler

Christopher Hugentobler

Patrick Yip

Patrick Yip


Seed fund for software founders

We fund software founders with global ambition. We help founders with finding product market fit, recruitment, and growth.

Is there something you want to build?

Get virtual ☕️ with a partner. You'll get immediate feedback whether we work together or not.

Are we a fit?

We've defined a collaborative relationship with our clients.

How can we start a project together?

Successful partnerships are based on understanding, alignment and commitment.

Prior to starting a new project, we have usually met with our clients 1 - 3 times. We try to understand your current setup, traction, maturity of product-market fit, financial projections, and anything that will help us understand your vision, while getting to know the team.

During this time, we are transparent with sharing opportunities we discover, and the scope of our partnership. It's your chance to determine if it's the right time for you to focus on product growth. Schedule your first chat now.

How much do projects usually cost?

It depends. We don't do one-size-fits-all pricing. We usually start with a fixed hourly or weekly rate. We also have worked with partners with a hybrid cash and equity or equity only payment plan.

Generally we advise our partners to limit the project scope first. We start lean, and can discuss scaling up the project once certain foundations are laid.

What sectors do you specialize in?

Our approach is sector agnostic. We are comfortable tackling problems in most internet-driven businesses. Our partners have extensive B2C, B2B and D2C experience, across a wide range of sizes including company founding, seed stage, growth stage and unicorn stage. We are also supported by a trusted specialist network with deeper channel and industry know-how.

What does the timeline of a project look like?

Each project timeline depends on your objectives, expected outcomes and budget. We don't usually set a fixed timeline upfront. However we suggest to expect a project to last no less than 4 months.

After a project successfully wraps, we will continue to support onboarding team leads and team members. While we are happy to stay on as an advisor to management, we believe in putting in the right product growth leaders full-time as the best way to guarantee your long term success.