We imagine, build and grow products that users love.

Inspect Element is a hypothesis-led venture builder working globally from APAC. We are here to make your product shine.

Here's some of those companies

Here's some of those companies

Here's some of those companies

Digital expertise for hungry founders and category-defining brands

Winning products aren't built by shooting in the dark. Find your edge in the market with our expertise.

Here's what we do

Understand product-led growth

Deliver digital-centric experiences that meet your users where they are.

Roadmap compound growth ideas

Find untapped growth opportunities by standing out of the crowd.

Model growth and adopt workflows

Massively reach, engage and retain your audience across multiple touchpoints and channels.

We're Inspect Element

For outcome-driven teams

We act both as consultants and as an extension to in-house teams.

With companies like these

Early stage startups

Early traction, cash-strapped, you want to grow massively in the next 12 weeks.

Growth stage teams

You're building a growth engine to compete with the big fish in the big pond.

Established companies

Everything is a bit too predictable so you want to shake things up before it's too late.

It's really a no-brainer


$ 1,000 pitches & decks

3 - 6 mo engagement

Cash upfront

Output driven

In-house team

Headcount & contracts

For months, if not years

Big monthly burn

Performance reviews

Build your venture today

Your first 2 hours of consultation are free.

Are we a good fit?

We have defined a collaborative process with our clients

How can we start a project together?

Successful partnerships are based on understanding, alignment and commitment.

Prior to starting a new project, we have usually met with our clients 3 - 5 times. We try to understand your current setup, traction, maturity of product-market fit, financial projections, and anything that will help us understand your vision, while getting to know the team.

During this time, we are transparent with sharing opportunities we discover, and the scope of our partnership. It's your chance to determine if it's the right time for you to focus on product growth. Schedule your first chat now.

How does a project work?

Every company is different. The team size, competency, growth stage, product maturity, and culture - we consider all of these and more.

To deliver the best outcomes for you, we shape our approach to project management and communication for every partner. Here are examples of partnership models that have worked for us in the past:

Retained Consultant
We will research, plan and advise your team. Our primary duty is providing a strategic and tactical plan for your team, guiding and advising their execution. This model works better for existing teams with an experienced team lead.

Standalone Project
We identify and prioritize with you the most pressing areas for growth. We then take full ownership of the deliverables. In certain cases, we will involve trusted specialists to support successful project delivery. These projects tend to drive more significant outcomes, and require a larger budget.

Interim Director of Product Growth
We take full responsibility and ownership of driving your company's product growth. We will be the point-of-contact working with you, internal departments and external stakeholders to drive sustainable growth. We will guide and train your team as our own. This is a more involved partnership for companies looking for an exclusive level of trust and delivery.

How much do projects usually cost?

It depends. We don't do one-size-fits-all pricing. We usually start with a fixed hourly or weekly rate. We also have worked with partners with a hybrid cash and equity or equity only payment plan.

Generally we advise our partners to limit the project scope first. We start lean, and can discuss scaling up the project once certain foundations are laid.

What sectors do you specialize in?

Our approach is sector agnostic. We are comfortable tackling problems in most internet-driven businesses. Our partners have extensive B2C, B2B and D2C experience, across a wide range of sizes including company founding, seed stage, growth stage and unicorn stage. We are also supported by a trusted specialist network with deeper channel and industry know-how.

What does the timeline of a project look like?

Each project timeline depends on your objectives, expected outcomes and budget. We don't usually set a fixed timeline upfront. However we suggest to expect a project to last no less than 4 months.

After a project successfully wraps, we will continue to support onboarding team leads and team members. While we are happy to stay on as an advisor to management, we believe in putting in the right product growth leaders full-time as the best way to guarantee your long term success.