Inspect Ventures

We are operators funding early-stage software

📨  Founders please email fund(at)

Funding focus

Software with global reach

We fund Hong Kong founders with global ambition. Our focus is software, marketplaces, digital platforms and software-enabled business models.

Seed to series A

We write first cheques between US$50-100K to founders, for no more than 8% equity. We also invest alongside a lead VC up to Series A. If there's no lead yet, we'll help founders find one.

Value-add in product and growth

We only fund startups where we can be value-add investors and partners, especially around product management and growth.

Why work with IE

Your Operator Partner

Starting and scaling a company is hard work. We've been there. We will provide you perspective and guidance from our own startup experience to help you in yours.

Early product and customer work

We'll help you evaluate early product iterations, explore different paths to get traction, introduce domain experts and potential employees, and show you a playbook to find product market fit.

Recruiting and fundraising

We'll help you figure out who you need to hire,  craft a story that resonates with investors and talent, and build your workflow so that you can onboard great talent quickly.